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A path to change our mindset

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak

My intention is more related to my voluntary works that focus minority of Myanmar ethnics in remote areas.

The country Myanmar is built-up with more than 135 ethnics with different colors, complexion, and beliefs. More than seventy percent of Myanmar population is from rural areas where there is no national grid line, less mobile coverage, lack of proper transportation with many inefficient infrastructures and the poverty rate is high. The education is another challenge while health issues are to be questioning. The poverty is increasing, natural disaster affected twelve states and regions out of fourteen states and regions in August 2015. The national ceasefire agreement is at the bottleneck, the fire at ethnic areas is going on every day. The exchange rate is drastically up. The voter lists are not corrected even for the thirty percent portion. The students are in jails the robberies are happened everywhere, every time. Religious base extremist movements are everywhere.

These are some of our daily news feeds. It cannot be solved in one day by one organization. The approach methods are needed to be tangible and effective and inclusiveness of participation. Democracy is just heard and seen as a dream only a few people understand what is it and how to achieve it. The future is bright but needs good leaders and policies to implement in real.

On the other hand, many people are working for peace restoration, development, however, sustainable development will not be achieved without improving the urban lives. The mission can only be accomplished by collaboration, networking, sharing resources including knowledge and skills. To have the same goals is also important. At the same time, we have to restore, apply and maintain the spirit of Panglong agreement, democracy, coexistence and fight together for corruption and inequality. Modern technologies penetration is fast, social media influence is vast and the impact is also dynamic. However, the foundation of knowledge and education for everyone is a big challenge. Without prior knowledge of sex education for teenage will make big trouble on endless internet realm. There will be international cultures that come along with Foreign Direct Investment. If there is no proper laws and meaningful enforcement there will be many conflicts those will be difficult to resolve. Under table culture has been used for more than six decades, a new way of the solution has to be found as fast as possible.

In summary, we need a path to change mindset which respects each other, optimistic, good learning society to apply in life and shares back to the community. My point of view, I believe that education is the key out of many vital issues. The education promoting is needed to be double speed-ed by making affordable, accessible, available at any time to everyone in everywhere of Myanmar. The community wireless system is the best alternative infrastructure for rural areas of Myanmar. That can build a virtual community center, resources center, health, and education center and many more by adding valuable features such as local VOIP, IP TV, Wifi Radio and many more.

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