BIT Myanmar

BIT Myanmar logo

BIT Myanmar logo

Mission statement
1. To research on digital and cyber security in Myanmar
2. To train digital and cyber security incident handlers
3. To develop cyber policy for Myanmar

History of organisation:

BIT Myanmar is the new version of the BIT Team.

The Burma/Myanmar Information Technology Team (BIT Team) was formed by a group of India based Burmese young people committed to for the restoration of freedom and Democracy by using ICT tools. We try to simplify ICT for grass root level people. We come to stand as the team on the basis of the development of Computer, Information Technology regardless of our diversities in social lifestyle, culture, and belief. We’re youngsters who have accomplished the sixth-month Computer ICT intensive course at MAHITI InfoTech Pvt. Ltd based in Bangalore of Kanataka State of India with the financial support of Burma Project/ Southeast Asia Initiative – Open Society Institute in Feb. 2002. As the training was over BIT Team was formed in 2003 and we have been conducting a series of basic and advanced ICT computer training in Delhi and at Indo-Burma border aimed at improving the communication and computer skills of Burma/Myanmar democratic activists.