What to use for Digital Safety

Our objectives are – Research and consultation, Deploying technologies, Awareness raising, Training and services. And our project direct beneficiaries will be General public, Women, Youth, Ethnic minorities, Activists, Journalists, Advocacy groups/NGOs, Academia, Government personnel and when the system is ready the whole population of Myanmar. Most of our training curriculum, tools and guide will be based […]

The need of Community interaction

The communities in Myanmar are using social media a lot, everything shares on social media especially facebook. Political parties, politician, MPs and even Government official use facebook as the official platform for releasing public information. Many confidential cases were leaked out on social media. We may say it is good because the internet access is […]

The challenges to solve

To address these challenges we see four immediate approaches; Research, consultation and strategic planning; Civil society awareness raising, Digital/cyber security capacity building Build and start support platform with modern technologies backed automation system. • Research, Consultation and Strategy development for existing local organisations and institutions. Research of their internal office networks security and their internet activities. Consult with them on […]

Resilient Infrastructure

by GRETA BYRUM & ANDYGUNN Community-built infrastructure for communications should be designed to fit a need, for example connecting those who are disconnected. Many communities working towards this goal are also concerned about keeping communication flowing in the event of disaster, when normal channels such as mobile phone networks and the Internet may be disrupted […]

Technical and organizing support

When requested, or during check-ins, we provided technical and community organizing support to the groups. Grantees most frequently asked for support with the selection of equipment, network design, and community facilitation. As a result, we published resources on the (Re)Building Technology website to address these questions. These included a guide to facilitating community projects, new […]