Need of Sustainability

The project will be maintained by BIT Myanmar team. The automation system will be monitored by the five new staffs recruited from this project. We will add more update questions and answer accordingly. This project will benefit 200 direct engaged participants recommended from 20 partner organisations. Staffs and members from partner organisation and their related networks. […]

The three pillars for sustainable development

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak Our project is related to one of the implementation of the core mission of the ASORCOM that is to use technology and local wireless communication for collaboration to promote transparency, accountability and responsibility among donors, governments and civil societies and promoting knowledge and skills to local communities for […]

Local voices to global actions

We feel that no one hears our voices

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak We, ASORCOM has three years experiences in the field of Alternative Solution for Rural Communities including the practice from the scratch of drawing the structure, developing many prototypes, testing the tools and devices, implementation and monitoring in the project areas. The main core of activity objectives are (1) […]

Sustainable solution only come from inside the community

The expected outcomes for civil society

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak The expected outcomes for civil society is to use technologies effectively while improving individual quality of the way of thought, language, communication, and management skills. Their organization will be respectful in terms of financial transparency, accountability, and responsibility. Their works will be ideal to others and adoptable and […]

By community for community

The community development roadmap

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak We have started the project called ASORCOM stands for alternative solutions for rural communities innovating alternative communication network called community wireless since 9th April 2013 and it has been operated 24×7 till today in the jungle of Chin hill where is no mobile phone and internet coverage, no […]