Global Information Society Watch

Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) is a collaborative community committed to building an open, inclusive and sustainable information society. MYANMAR 2018 – Community Networks Authored by: Michael Suantak Organization: Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM) Website: Attachment Size gw2018_myanmar_The community network as a connectivity strategy for rural and remote Myanmar 1.49 MB The community […]


This 2018 edition of GISWatch focuses primarily on community-owned networks for the provision of physical communications infrastructure. Affordable and reliable internet access infrastructure has become a vital means of communication and access to information, to exercise fundamental human rights and to support economic, social and human development. However, as the internet becomes more ubiquitous, less […]

Digital Myanmar

Myanmar currently faces an array of cyber and digital security challenges. These include compromised computers of new parliamentarians, compromised cyberinfrastructure, increasing surveillance of online networks, and low levels of digital literacy and digital security knowledge amongst both parliamentarians and civil society. Myanmar’s and the parliament’s cyber infrastructure is still largely controlled by the military, and […]

The challenges to solve

To address these challenges we see four immediate approaches; Research, consultation and strategic planning; Civil society awareness raising, Digital/cyber security capacity building Build and start support platform with modern technologies backed automation system. • Research, Consultation and Strategy development for existing local organisations and institutions. Research of their internal office networks security and their internet activities. Consult with them on […]