Building Community Wireless Network in Chin State

Project Summary

We started this community wireless network in the Chin state jungle since 2013 before we got mobile network coverage. It was really useful during the natural disaster in 2015 and also for the communities until today. Even we got mobile network coverage with 3G internet access today, the mobile data cost are still high for most of the local community members. In our local server run on Rasberry PI node, we put Khan Academy and many other educational contents collected and developed by World Possible Project. The contents are deployed on the mesh networks. They are still accessing by the teachers, students, and community members. Please kindly see our activities from here

We are planning to extend our existing network to other areas where the coffee plantationsĀ are started. This movement is called Chin Hills Coffee movement started in 2016 to solve social, economic and environmental challenges. We have been giving Agroforestry-Integrated Farming system and Coffee plantation and businesses training and workshops to many villages in Chin, Sagaing, Magwe regions where the Chin communities are living. Due to the hilly topography, distance to each village, time and budget limitation we can not reach to each and every villageĀ in these areas. Instead of the physical visit and organize Coffee industries development training and workshop, we want to use modern technologies to solve our challenges. This community wireless network can solve our communication barriers. Which can be local VOIP, IPTV, Video access and live discussion on the networks. Please kindly see Chin Hills Coffee movement from here

We want to install another 100 mesh wireless devices in these regions and get connect to the existing networks. We can do if we get this award.

We have good experiences in installing wireless networking, maintaining and playing with Open Source software. And we also have good numbers of local geeks who are interested to support us as volunteers.