Project Background Information

Vision: Change the community to be a better healthy sustainable society


1. Solve communication bearer among villages in Chin state and other communities in Myanmar

2. Establish inclusive informal education including knowledge, skills, and information sharing

3. Deploying modern communication technology and security around the country

Background Information

Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM) was formed on the 9th April 2013 by a group of SCYNO – Siyin-Chin Youth Network Organization and the Siyin Project who were eager to help & develop the community they have grown up and familiar with the needs within. Their experience together with the information available and working with the community closely to provide an outcome that will impact and change the community to a better a sustainable society.

Status and Funding

Siyin-Chin Youth Network Organization – SCYNO was formed on 15 Feb 1995 with the aims of Every Siyin To Become Great Leader. We have been trained many young people with English language, ICT skills, vocational skills, management and financial skills. We send many young to attend rights workshop, political seminaries, we support students who in need. We provide free internet for 30 villages in the Siyin Valley since 2013 April (some villages are now blocked by the government department) With other working groups under the cover of Siyin-Chin Association for Christian Communication – SACC we work together for environmental awareness and trees plantation activities every year, since 1997. We have participated in the activities of development, credit union, religious, cultural and literature related conferences. We are now working with Save The Children – Myanmar for Child Protection, Child Rights promotion and awareness projects. We are partners of Chin Youth Forum/Chin Youth Network to Myanmar Youth Forum and ASEAN Youth Forum.

The SCYNO is a charitable and non-profit community-based organization in Myanmar that seeks to support the community in the Siyin valley, Chin State as the ad-hoc initiative. Generous and compassionate, groups and churches fund this project.


The SCYNO has members of ranging profession from Doctors, IT experts, NGO staffs, Cartoonists, Media, Church Pastors, School Teachers and Farmers as a voluntary act of kindness towards the community.

Community participation

The way in which projects are undertaken involves a sharing of ideas and information. Involvement in shared decision making and responsibility is central to achieving a positive outcome.

The work is carefully sequenced and designed in close consultation with the community so that efforts from everyone can be optimised. It is agreed that the ultimate outcome is to have a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of the people and their communities.