We need to do it because

By community for community

The alternative way of solutions

The building community wireless network is still a new idea in Myanmar. If we already have local area wireless network, when the corporates or USF comes they can plug their fiber cable internet connection to our local networks. In the mean times, locals villager can use VOIP (Asterisk), IPTV (Kaltura), Community Radio (podcast) on the wireless network for free. They can access pre-stored agricultural training video, audio contents for free among the local wireless networks. They can establish the online shop, payment gateway and payment system from their home. They can access to predefined health system such as OnDoctor online services or a nurse can answer and support to local health workers needs. When we get the real internet connection then we can communicate with national and international customers, traders. We design our coffee farms are to be attractive for international tours to visit and stay at our farms. This affordable devices, effective approach and the expandable technologies – wireless based network will be the best solution for the regions.


ASORCOM has been the core responsible organization of fundraising, arrangement for implementing, technical supports and the whole project management.

Chin Hills Coffee take responsibility to organize contents and services for server and share the network to local farmer communities.

SAVORY Social Enterprise takes care of governmental, legal related issues and getting national and international experts to share their skills and knowledge.


1. Got permission to install and use 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless network in the targeted regions (which we already got verbal agreement from central government and Chin state government)

2. Got the wireless devices and installed in the targeted regions

3. Developed contents which are useful to those local farmers and communities (most of them are already available in English and Burmese text)

4. Deployed the network and share how-to use the services in the regions

The most important model to make a sustainable solution, let the community own the devices, networks and the benefits

Technical details and contribution to innovation

1. Our existing wireless devices are UBNT (Ubiquity). So we want to use the same devices and model in the future project as well.

2. As we believe in open source principles, open standard, and open platform we use Open Source software only such as Linux server, Asterisk Call server, Kaltura Video platform server etc.

3. All the content also are with CC licenses

4. For mesh network topology and firmware we use commotion wireless

5. We used village telco and Open BTS


1. Getting acknowledgment from the government for using 2.4 and 5 GHz network devices – we have been approaching since 8 months ago. We got a verbal agreement from them and they advised to submit the report paper with details information such as the number of devices, location, the purpose of using, contents etc.

2. Chin Hills Coffee did coffee research in 2016 for this regions and organizing many workshops in this targeted areas since 2016. And now it has around 50 villages agreed to start commercial coffee farm by 2018. The Chin Hills Coffee has the private coffee nursing farm to produce 1000000 coffee plants to the communities started in 2016.

3. SAVORY Social Enterprise started Chin Hills Coffee production called SAVORY Chin Hills Coffee and already sold in the markets. They also have Coffee related machines such as pulping machine, sizing, roaster, packaging, hurling machines etc.


The village members from where it is covered by our ASORCOM Wireless Network got knowledge about using the computer, smart phone, and the internet. This is decent advantages from our activities. We did many workshops on basic computer training, networking, effectively surfing on the internet, online social etiquette, media training, smart phone, and computer repairing training.

Some young people formed up their own team and expand the wireless network to their villages.

One village got support from Burma Center Prague – BCP for building community wireless network for their Town called Khaikam.

We got used computer donation from MCP – Myanmar Compassion Project for the villages and schools.

We got a lot more visitors to see our network and they started their own network in their villages with Skynet satellite internet connection and distribute to the community with wireless networks

Some young person from our team got better jobs in the other towns, NGO, CSO offices.

We got many requests to expand the existing network to them or start the new one for them.