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Community needs

Written by Dim Khat Pau

Myanmar has seven states and seven divisions. Most of the states are situated in the mountains. Myanmar has seven states and seven divisions. Most of the states are situated in the mountains. In 2014, The UN confined and announced that Chin State is the poorest state in of Myanmar. As they announced, Chin State could be the poorest and it has many issues.

As the Chin state situated on the high mountains, the roads were rough and there was a long distance from the village to village. Some village hasn’t success road and they need to go here and there on foot. Some villages have only 10 households and some have over 500 households. A majority of the villagers relay their lives only on shifting cultivations. Because of the poverty, villagers do not interest in reading, studying. As the result, they don’t know how to modify their technique of agriculture. They have big family members and elders need to take care of their younger. If they want to go school, hey have to bring their younger also. They don’t have any idea to repair their used land after 3 or 5 years. So they shift to another new land for agricultural work.

After harvesting the crops, they have a challenge to fine market for their crops. They have to carry on foot, by car, and when they get to the market, most of their crops already damaged. So they can not earn much money. They have to borrow money from money lenders with high interest for next crop. They can not borrow money from the bank because they had to mortgage their property such as land, house, etc…, Therefore, they have to circulate into poverty circle.

So the Chin people basically need more knowledge about environmental maintenance to get knowledge if they cut trees, it will cause climate change and to have the will to maintain their environment, family planning for birth control, planning for their children’s education because now a day, the government planned and implement free education system for basic and middle school but almost most of the beneficiary and their families haven’t ideas to join the school especially for their girls, technical to produce their crops as products and how to repair their used lands and more advantage agricultural techniques, the source of money where they can borrow with low interest and needn’t mortgage.

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