Child Rights group in Chin lead by Children

Dream to Actions

Written by Dim Khat Pau

I want to implement a special program for women, children and people with disabilities group to strengthen their knowledge and skills, health and education, livelihood and their environment. I believe that they are vital to the community and should not be neglected in any mean. I have a plan to motivate and sustaining these communities. I want to give empowering training and workshop on women rights, CEDAW and health issues to specific women community.

My approach methodology will be slightly differing from another approach. I know they have to fight and claim for their rights to equal with other, but without men community support they cannot achieve. To achieve equal opportunity they cannot use rights approach. I found that they should use diplomatic way of communication on the other side of law and rights privileges.

Children should be respected in my community, treated well and empower with skills with an open choice. Many education body control children to be discipline focus. Today children are a lack of critical thinking, creative and innovative. It means the ways we train them to have flaws. We have to do assessments and proper research. Need to teach them with reading, writing with critical thinking. We need to change education policy, teachers’ mindset, quality and accessible with freedom of choice.

People with disabilities are the minority of minority has been discriminated for many decades. I want to invent new technology to support them to access information, communication and education. Nowadays, there are many technologies in the developed world, why shouldn’t we do for them. They should not be ignored in the digital world.

In summary, the proposed project will be last at least for six months. I need collaboration with other communities especially, lawyers, rights experts, and technicians. With all, we can build the better world.

Dream to Actions

Dream to Actions

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