Leaders are neither gifted nor born but it is by learning and acting

Effective leaders are able to learn from failure

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak

Leaders are neither gifted nor born but it is by learning and acting. I believe myself that I can be a good leader when I apply. I accepted leaders is not about the age and experiences. Many said that young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow, I do not agree, because they are today leaders to give space to experiment and lead. We have to grant according to the law. The leader is not a position as well it is about leadership skills that can be learned from others mistakes and successes.

As human beings, we are various in characters by nature and influenced by environment and education system. I criticize about myself to know what kind of people I am. A good leader without active followers is not able to success as all wanted to be leaders with no followers. The lessons I learned from the past are only a good follower can become a good leader, humble and high skills of communication make achievement. Leadership skills will be differences depending on the circumstances but the leadership mindset will be applicable in whatever and where ever under the conditions. Successful leaders who have to be future-minded, encourage-able person, advisable person, forward-looking, kindhearted, open-minded, well-educated, creative, innovative and many more.

Leadership can be more powerful with when there is concrete and clear policy to follow. Without proper framework and crystal clear guidelines it can be contradicted. I hope there can be many categories of leadership according to the specific task. For example, regarding financial management, properly instructed information and step by step procedures with systematic forms will be required for all leaders.

In conclusion, willingness, and positive mindset with affording of learning about leadership skill and experimenting with meaningful purpose will be the best of learning from failures.

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