How to protect and promote security in Myanmar

Myanmar internet development is growing rapidly. The Internet, computer and mobile phone have made it easier and faster to communicate, connect and access information. On the other hand, they have made more vulnerable and exposed to problems like monitoring, censorship and manipulation by governments and other malicious actors. The online landscape is changing non-stop, making the challenge for small and medium-sized socially motivated organisations to maintain up-to-date digital security strategies and policies increasingly difficult. While digital security is universally touted as a priority for these groups and their communities, human rights defenders continue to be, harassed, imprisoned or killed due in part due to their poor digital security practices. Many organisations do not have the internal capacity, expertise, nor the funds available that are required to address these challenges. Worse, they might not even know the risks they pose on human rights defenders and the need for organisational change around digital strategies to see these challenges.

• Research, Consultation and Strategy development to approve the need of digital and cyber security for Myanmar government • Awareness Raising to prepare for public concern voices to input the arguments to make better policy and laws • A series of digital safety and security training online and offline aimed at parliamentarians and/or their staff to protect and promote security on the principle of UDHR.

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