How to solve cyber and digital security in Myanmar

Research, Consultation and Strategy Significant cyber and digital security research and strategizing are needed within Myanmar, including to involve experts from Asia and further afield. A larger and longer-term strategy cannot be developed without this work, and without a program to develop more capacity and leadership. As such the first step is to know the situation better in order to develop a more appropriate long-term strategy. • A Myanmar cyber/digital security strategy retreat to assess key needs, threats, opportunities and to develop longer-term strategy and program. Key Asian and international technical and policy people to be invited. • Initial testing, research and curation of recent research to produce a short, up to date document outlining the state of the Myanmar Internet in Burmese and English.

Awareness Raising • A series of short and funky awareness raising videos on digital safety and security in the combination with a social media campaign • Further packaging and distribution of existing tutorial videos, and the production of new ones where gaps still exist • Development of a show for DVB on digital rights and digital security issues • A series of digital rights awareness raising days in Yangon, Mandalay and Napidaw

Digital Security Capacity Development • 10 training of trainers camp will be organised. The camp would bring together 10 existing digital security experts with 10-15 new participants each with an interest in becoming digital security trainers. Proper follow-up activities are vital to ensure engagement is retained, including 10 two-day follow-ups events within 24 months, support for regular meet-ups in cities outside Yangon, leadership development, the creation of a peer network, and development of employment opportunities. • A series of digital safety and security training aimed at parliamentarians and/or their staff.

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