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My dream for my community

Written by Dim Khat Pau

My organization is registered as a company limited by the company law in Myanmar due to the weakness of association law, however; our targeted audiences and prospected activities are more focus on the community benefit. These are some of our organization ambitions such as to empower minority group of our community, LGBITiq, women, children, and people with disabilities, to enrich financial capital to the company and shareholders, to support startup social enterprise from the members with technical and financial capabilities, strengthening their business with management skills to be strong and profits, it is also backup for their good reputation and contribution to the communities, to encourage young people to further study in different majors, to build stronger network and share resources. To achieve our goals we cannot work alone, we need international participation and empowerment.

As the community solution program is a program to get gathering representatives from the different corner of the world and experiment different working environments. Transparency and accountability are vital to our company and communities as it has to work with various communities which have mixed of background. The global climate change affected to our chin community as well, most of the rain forest areas are now utilize for shifting cultivation, firewood and construction in Chin and Kale areas. Hence, peacefully coexistence is a demand of this century, it is very important to the communities who have to live together with different religious as crucial as gender equality by promoting and granting more privilege according to the laws and regulations.

My objectives to participate in this program are first, there is no one yet from Myanmar according to the CSP official website. Therefore, I can open up the knowledge gate to the new generation. Secondly, I want to build network and bridge with other international community to my country Myanmar for strengthening sustainable development. Thirdly, I want to participate in peace restoration and conflicts
transformation for ethnic minorities of Myanmar. And finally, I wanted to be a good leader for my country and my community as specific.

My community needs international communities concern, technical and financial support to success our goals and increases the benefits from our company activities. We also need foreign investment to strengthen our business and development. We need experts and professions to work with us on assessment and research activities focusing on environmental, social, health impacts when investment

In summary, nowadays we face many kinds of challenges from terrorist’s attacks to natural disasters everywhere in the world. We need strong collaboration and sharing resources and solve the challenges together. We cannot directly copy the solutions from west to east or from one successful approach to another without local knowledge and community participation. Most of the community difficulties
are able to solve from the own community, we have to support with knowledge and skills rather than direct involvement.

Cherry in the Siyin Valley, Chin State, Myanmar.

Cherry in the Siyin Valley, Chin State, Myanmar.

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