to encourage them to discuss their issues among themselves,

My dream

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak

I am one of the founders and chairman of Siyin-Chin Youth Network Organization was formed on 15 Feb 1995 with the aims of Every Siyin To Become Great Leader. We have been trained many young people with English language, ICT skills, vocational skills, management and financial skills. We sent many young to attend rights workshops, political seminaries, we support students who in need. We provide free internet for 30 villages in Siyin Valley since 2013 April. With another working group under the cover of SACC we work together for environmental awareness and trees plantation activities every year, since 1997. We participated in the development, credit union, religious, cultural and literature related conferences. We are now working with Save the Children – Myanmar for Child Protection, Child Rights promotion and awareness projects. We are partners of Chin Youth Network to Myanmar Youth Forum and ASEAN Youth Forum.

I have read many books and articles related to democracy, rights, and federal system but I haven’t yet to practice well. I am working for UNCRC promoting that has to bring 300 children voices to parliament within 18 months from Chin state. That is quite exciting tasks. The constitutional laws studies and other rights implementation give me experiences related to this training. There are many pieces of training in Myanmar on social, politics, governance and many more some are distributing center of military backup government propaganda some are social-political enterprises, some are peace agents business centers.

I am interesting to be a fellow because I can meet and share my belief and learn with many participants from around the globe with many ethnic nationalities. I also wanted to be professional in management, communication, diplomacy, leadership skills by world-class instructors and action learning real implementation. I would like to make changes in my country and community as specific and also want to understand power shifting at a global level and want to influence youth to participate in governance and politic as decision-makers in Myanmar. I also wanted to be one of the decision makers in Myanmar.

It has been a long time to wait and see the born of democracy in Myanmar. Now we can see the hope of dawn. However, during the past 5 years of new government, I aware that there were many wrong concepts on democracy and federal system. Many of the pro-democracy activists think that the democracy itself is to be paid by someone or some laws. What I understand of democracy is to practice by ourselves in our daily life everywhere every time. Many people in Myanmar know Human Rights and other rights, but they don’t realize that it is to use and apply in their daily life. I also believe that peace and harmony, respect and prosperity, equality and accountability will not be restored until the demand of federal state is formed equally.

So, I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences that need infrastructures to grassroots communities to encourage them to discuss their issues among themselves, empower the minorities and protect with laws and regulations.

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