Need of Sustainability

The project will be maintained by BIT Myanmar team. The automation system will be monitored by the five new staffs recruited from this project. We will add more update questions and answer accordingly.

This project will benefit 200 direct engaged participants recommended from 20 partner organisations. Staffs and members from partner organisation and their related networks. The community around those partner organisations. Who have and access our contents online and onsite resources centres.

The medium-term goal is to get digital and cybersecurity awareness and internal incident handlers for those 20 partners’ organisations. As for a long-term goal, the whole population of Myanmar can access our automated system by phone, the internet or visiting our local resources centres around the country.

Our local resources centre will generate income by providing series of security-related training. We believe that this project will bring digital literate communities in Myanmar and it can save many people from financial attack, privacy exposes, and smart way of using modern technologies.

To protect from loss and maintain the momentum is fair income generation during the project and after the project as well because we need expenses to operate the mechanism which needs human resources and operation cost.

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