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On the road to Democracy

Written by Dim Khat Pau

There are millions of Burmese migrants in neighboring countries, especially Chin community that I belong are in India, Thai, and Malaysia as refugees and migrant workers. As the country Myanmar is more open up and expected to be on the road to democracy in the future, all of them have to return to their home country. We have concern and preparedness for them to support their work, business, and their children future.

From this CSP participatory action learning program, I strongly believe that I can learn many experiences from other representatives as I am dedicated to actively engage in community development activities and learn purposefully on transparency & Accountability, Tolerance & Conflict Resolution, Environmental Issues, and Women & Gender Issues. Strongly ensuring to contribute what I learn and earn by doing will be actively share not only to my organization but also to other
communities in need.

My experiences and backgrounds I have will benefit the diverse cultural and professional to other international networks as well. The interaction with leaders can lead to new contacts and areas for future international collaboration. My eagerness to community works and humanitarian empathy will bring the accomplishment to public or community service, volunteerism. In the long run, integrated socially and culturally practicing will facilitate the community and empower to solve their own problem in their own ways.

In the glance, I believe that I will be capable on these topics after completing the program to improve my capacity for local community development, build and strengthen sustainable professional networks with international colleagues and institutions, increase my understanding of strategies to address challenges in the community and empower the management, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Road on Hill in Chin

Road on Hill in Chin

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