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The community development roadmap

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak

We have started the project called ASORCOM stands for alternative solutions for rural communities innovating alternative communication network called community wireless since 9th April 2013 and it has been operated 24×7 till today in the jungle of Chin hill where is no mobile phone and internet coverage, no national grid line available, the road transportation are ignored for many years. We have installed 13 local wifi access point in Thuklai, 2 in Lophei, 2 in Khuasak and so on. There are 25 wifi antennas in the 20 coverage villages and 3 Village telco MP1 covering only 20 villages of more than 8000 population.

The way in which projects are undertaken involves a sharing of ideas and information. Involvement in shared decision making and responsibility is central to achieving a positive outcome. The work is carefully sequenced and designed in close consultation with the community so that efforts from everyone can be optimized. It is agreed that the ultimate outcome is to have a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of the local people and their communities. By working together in a participatory mode, we are able to understand what works best for the community. Continuing input from all the participants is essential for the success of the project.

The strategic plans that applying for the project are;

1. Engagement and awareness raising

2. Social marketing for devices with affordable price

3. How to use workshops and training

4. Installing communication network

5. One-on-one technical support

6. Expanding network

7. Capacity building

8. Developing rules and regulation

9. Hand over the project ownership to the community and

10. Start another project in needed areas with the same prototype learned from previous experiments.

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