Sustainable solution only come from inside the community

The expected outcomes for civil society

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak

The expected outcomes for civil society is to use technologies effectively while improving individual quality of the way of thought, language, communication, and management skills. Their organization will be respectful in terms of financial transparency, accountability, and responsibility. Their works will be ideal to others and adoptable and customize and expandable. It is encouraged to use multi-level marketing model to spread faster and wider of positively changing mindset.

This project will engage with local community:

1. to have knowledge, informal education including Human Rights, Women Rights, Child Rights, Democracy, Federalism, Laws and Constitution, Cultivation skills, Management skill, Child-centered learning methodology, English language, Vocational skills, Computer, Internet, Smart phone, Citizen journalist, Digital security, Facilitation, voter education, monitoring and evaluation skills, good governance, Update news and events, Information sharing and many more.

2. to solve communication barer among those 20 villages and with international communities.

3. to access and share updated news and information, report their needs to their selected Members of Parliament, Media, and International communities.

4. to become a local version of Khan Academy and much virtual learning system in the future. We will add more value such like IP TV, streaming FM, Local Telco network, local Internet Services Providing. We can be International Institute by Virtual Learning System affiliated with prominent international institutes.

5. to train skills to youngsters during network installation work, how the devices work, how to solve minor problems, how to use the services effectively.

Vision: Change the community to be a better healthy sustainable society

1. Solve communication barer among villages in Chin state and international communities
2. Establish inclusive informal education including knowledge, skills, and information sharing
3. Deploying community wireless in Myanmar

We wanted to expand community wireless to the whole Myanmar by using the same prototypes.

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