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We feel that no one hears our voices

Record of activities

Record of activities

Written by Michael Suantak @ Pumsuanhang Suantak

We, ASORCOM has three years experiences in the field of Alternative Solution for Rural Communities including the practice from the scratch of drawing the structure, developing many prototypes, testing the tools and devices, implementation and monitoring in the project areas.

The main core of activity objectives are (1) To support grassroots communities with knowledge and skills to engage in sustaining peace, democratic processes, policy development; (2) increasing the availability of share and access to information on democratic governance and transparency (3) expanding inclusive public participation in political space. The ultimate goal for this project implementation methodology is to establish two-ways communication to provide updated information, news, skills with their own dialects, Burmese, Khuano and Siyin to targeted population and collect public interest and wills to broadcast on internet and collectively present to key players, MPs, other medias and international communities. The main issues to cover are 1. Awareness of free and fair pre-election, monitoring, and report of election monitoring the responsibility and accountability for real implementation in post-election 2. Strengthening CSOs and local government on development with transparency approach 3. To change mindset of targeted population to respect human rights, child rights, women rights people with disabilities and to live with peace and harmony on coexistence in social welfare.

We want to be part of international communities, we want other hear our voices and difficulties because we feel that we are ignored and neglected by the Myanmar government and international NGOs before. We feel that no one hear our voices, no one care our needs. We feel that we are the lack of knowledge and skills. By this project, we intend to use two-way communications with low cost or free on a local WIFI network for 20 villages. Additional resources, we will use intranet based voice and video interactive workshop, training and debate program to raise public voices and concerns.

The ASORCOM is a charitable and non-profit community-based organization in Myanmar that seeks to support the community in Siyin valley, Chin State as an ad-hoc initiative. Generous and compassionate, groups and churches fund this project. The team members are ranging profession from Doctors, IT experts, NGO staffs, Cartoonists, Media, Church Pastors, School Teachers, and Farmers which is a voluntary & random act of kindness towards the community. The way in which projects are undertaken involves a sharing of ideas and information. Involvement in shared decision making and responsibility is central to achieving a positive outcome.

The work is carefully sequenced and designed in close consultation with the community so that efforts from everyone can be optimized. It is agreed that the ultimate outcome is to have a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of the people and their communities.

By working together in a participatory mode, we are able to understand what works best for the community. Continuing input from all the participants is essential for the success of the project.

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