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The ASORCOM participated and contributed online virtual presentation in the 9th International Conference on Communities and Technologies event, Vienna Austria.

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Workshops and Doctoral Colloquium will take place on Monday and Tuesday (3rd and 4th of June). Workshops have varying requirements for participation and deadlines for submissions. Please check the individual workshop websites below.

W5: Artful Integrations of Infrastructures by Community-Based Telecoms

June 4, 2019


Nicola J. Bidwell – International University of Management, Namibia
Melissa Densmore – University of Cape Town, South Africa
Andre van Zyl – OVCOMM cooperative, Ocean View, South Africa
Sarbani Banerjee Belur – Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
Nicolas Pace – Association for Progressive Communications and Altermundi, Argentina

This workshop considers the experiences of communities that own and operate their own telecommunications systems. We will reflect on what communities do to tackle the infrastructures, or taken for granted arrangements, that are embedded in and affect deploying and adopting telecoms. Infrastructures include all sorts of social, technical, political, legal, administrative, methodological and institutional structures and processes; and communities often devise ways to compensate for their weaknesses in local telecom projects. Communities have, for instance, tackled policy infrastructures, because laws do not support their telecoms; social norms that unconsciously govern people’s participation; and, academic research conventions. We propose that community-based telecoms, from community Wi-Fi to radio integrate infrastructures to align with community values, and this workshop seeks to learn from each other’s experiences. You may respond using the online form or by emailing your responses to

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