The challenges to solve

To address these challenges we see four immediate approaches;

  1. Research, consultation and strategic planning;
  2. Civil society awareness raising,
  3. Digital/cyber security capacity building
  4. Build and start support platform with modern technologies backed automation system.

• Research, Consultation and Strategy development for existing local organisations and institutions. Research of their internal office networks security and their internet activities. Consult with them on the research findings with them and consult to make a better secure network reduce the risk of their digital and cyber security level. Guide them to develop internal digital and cybersecurity strategy, internal office or organisation policy, procedures and emergency rescue plans.

• Awareness Raising for the general public on digital and cybersecurity. Create videos that reflect local contexts in local languages and translate existing video contents into local languages. Organise workshop, event, and forum, write articles and share the short video clips online and offline to mass civilians.

• Twenty four-days-long digital safety and security training with 20 trainees for each will be organised throughout a year around ethnic areas in Myanmar. Two six-days-long TOT will be organised and support them to run follow-on training in their respective regions. Five talented digital and cybersecurity trainees will be recruited and assigned for security incident handlers and operate security support 24×7 to those who needed assistant and help.

• Start support services to support security challenges in Myanmar. We have social enterprise model and plans to open job opportunity to make training and services continue. And the professional support services in sustainable ways to generate own fund in the near future. We have a plan to develop automated IVR – interactive voice response system, so wit that we can serve the whole population with minimum human resources and cost in the long future by hotline access numbers. However, it is not easy to get stable within one year. We will need additional support at least for three years. After we can stand on our own feet and operate the support services 24×7 we can offer the services for everyone who is needed our services in Myanmar by modern technologies backed system.

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